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  International students know the trials and tribulations associated with going away to college better than anyone! Leaving home to study in a foreign land requires a wealth of courage and a stronghold of responsibility. In addition to enduring a number of transitional obstacles endured by all those starting college, international students struggle to overcome language barriers, currency issues, local customs, and more. Studying college-level textbooks and following the notes of college professors is difficult enough ...but it's at least twice as hard when they're provided to you in a language other than your own!

Through unity there is strength.

   All over the United States, international students are coming together in support of one another.  Many arrive at universities with NO previous experience dealing with American customs, and/or culture. For that reason, International Student Unions are often formed to provide these students with an opportunity to meet others who share similar and/or diverse backgrounds with the mutual goal of learning to get along well in a new country. But these unions are hardly formed out of thin air; they are the result of hard work and great effort. Explore this site to read & learn more!

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